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We specialise in quality drywalling and partitioning to best suit your living space, commercial area or working environment. With our skills and excellency we can help you resize any space that you desire in no time, because after all, drywalling is the speediest alternative to your renovation needs!

Suspended Ceiling Contractors

We can modify any ceiling to be aesthetically pleasing with the additional benefit of being entirely functional for design, lighting and air-conditioning purposes. Our services that offer top quality suspended celling installation are ideal for both corporate and living environments, and can be incorporated to match any look or feel. 

suspended ceiling contractors

Flush Plastered Ceiling

The popular new trend in design is to create curves, shapes and depth along ceiling surfaces for a unique creation. We can use our professional flush plastered ceiling techniques to hide wiring, piping, ducting and light fittings which will create a smooth and classy ceiling finish.  

Ceiling Bulkheads  

Our creativity expertise will bring new dynamics to your residential environment, office design style or commercial space. Our top quality ceiling bulkhead installation will accentuate central features of a room and create intense definition, giving any space a personalised touch of contemporary sophistication.

ceiling bulk heads

industrial and commercial painting

Industrial/commercial painting

We can accommodate your industrial and commercial painting needs with our first-class products and speedy service. We strive on getting projects done as efficiently and neatly as possible while creating minimum inconvenience for your customers or employees, guaranteed.  

PVC Ceilings  

Our quality PVC Ceiling panels offer home and business owners a modern and affordable alternative to conventional ceilings. The lightweight ceiling panels are waterproof and require little or no maintenance. For a quick, quality installation of PVC Ceiling Panels, contact us today.


pvc ceilings

iso insulation and ceilings

IsoBoards Insulation Installers

Most heat is gained and lost through the roof structure of a building, which is why insulated ceilings are useful in retarding heat flow into a building in summer and containing generated heat in winter. IsoBoard, which is comprised of polystyrene foam ceiling insulation panels, is used to provide thermal insulation in buildings. The high-density board is available in a range of thicknesses and lengths to suit various applications.

Ceiling Cornices 

We install quality polystyrene cornices at affordable prices. Our indoor designs are suitable for both residential and commercial settings. Our team of professional installers can install lightweight, durable cornices to finish off your ceiling and ensure a beautiful transition from ceiling to wall.


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